"Neither “property” nor the value of property is a physical thing. Property is a set of defined options…It is that set of options which has economic value…It is the options, and not the physical things, which are the “property” - economically as well as legally…But because the public tends to think of property as tangible, physical things, this opens the way politically for government confiscation of property by forcibly taking away options while leaving the physical objects untouched."
- Thomas Sowell (via philosophicalconservatism)

(via redbloodedamerica)

"We must be persuaded that a soul can neither do, nor think of doing, anything which gives greater pleasure to Jesus Christ than to communicate frequently, with dispositions suitable to the great guest whom she has to receive into her heart.
I have said suitable, not indeed worthy dispositions; for if worthy were necessary, who could ever communicate? Another God would alone be worthy to receive God. By suitable, I mean such dispositions as become a miserable creature, clothed with the unhappy flesh of Adam. Ordinarily speaking, it is sufficient if a person communicates in a state of grace, and with a great desire of growing in the love of Jesus Christ."
- St. Alphonsus Liguori  (via catholicsoul)