Anonymous asked:

I've seen Catholics here on tumblr defending that Jesus would be in favor of the death penalty and torture, I was astonished! I don't care if this makes me one of those "cafeteria, liberal catholics", but you cannot say you follow Jesus and believe in the death penalty, you just can't. Sorry, not sorry.

Lost in the Pines Answer:


Nope. Totally agree with you. With all the recent atrocities around the world, you’d think people would be more willing to see the sacredness of all life. But it’s hard when the lives you are holding as ‘sacred’ are people who have abused and taken lives themselves.

Not disagreeing with you at all. As I said in the OP, it’s one thing to be FOR the death penalty; it’s another to think that our current death penalty system is too strict and humane. Like I guess my family thinks we should just be hanging and shooting criminals by the dozens. Sounds a lot like Nazi massacres to me. Hasn’t anyone seen The Pianist? That stuff is messed up.

And, believing that we should abolish the death penalty is NOT against Catholic teaching. If anything, the Church is on your side. At least JP2 and the US Catholic bishops are.


(I think I remember reading/learning somewhere that JP2 opposed the death penalty under normal circumstances. The only time it might be necessary is when the criminal poses a threat to the safety and well being of his/her fellow prisoners / prison staffers. Although, in most cases, those people can be put in solitary confinement; so, there’s no need to kill them.)

Yes the Church opposed the death penalty except in extreme cases. An example would be a group of people stranded on an island from a plane crash. One of the survivors is mass murdering people and there is no way to lock them up, so it would be permissible to put them to death for safety reasons.